With the slow spring the guys have been busy inside the cabins again.  Carpeting has been the name of the game.  Bayview, Wildflower and the queen room in Birchwood all have gotten new carpet, and it is starting to pile up.  Restawhile is next on the list as long as the snow is on the ground


Wildflower getting some TLC.  We are also trying some new lament wood flooring.  Shamrock and Wildflower are the first cabins to get this new flooring and so far thumbs up.  Wildflower got a bit of a face lift as well with the guys fixing this and painting that.  When it is all cleaned up should look great.  Restawhile…..  do I hear Restawhile calling out for TLC as well?


You can always tell where they are working.  They have to give me back Wildflower to rent out and then they can move their tools to Restawhile on Monday.  Challenge is which floor to lay in Restawhile….  Steve likes the quality of the floor better he but in Shamrock but it is not a good color for Restawhile and Wildflower’s floor from Home Depot he liked the color but not the quality or how it installed..  Stay tuned to see how the floor controversy gets settled.  When our favorite lament flooring is discovered I am sure pallets of it will be bought for the Muskie and Holiday next year.  Til then we experiment on the little cabins