If I still liked snow I could show you beautiful snow pics of the snow that came down last night.  Heavy and thick on the trees.  I could show you those pics, and if it was November, December, January or even February, I would, but it is March.  It is not just March it is the end of March…



Instead I prefer to look at cute dog pictures than at snow.  Sampson is much nicer to look at than snow.  He is Jake’s girlfriend Michelle’s dog.  Why do I post pics of Sampson and mention Jake and Michelle.  That would be because they shared their snowshoeing pics with me before the snow came and Sampson’s picture came with him and he is cute



Jake and Michelle ran into these crazy ice formations on the stumps in the woods.  They looked like ice mushrooms on top of the stumps







Thanks to Jake and Michelle for sharing pics with me of melting snow… not new snow.




With the “new” snow on the ground Steve and his box of tools were off to Bayview to see what he could do with the bedrooms doors.  Will Bayview’s bedroom door finally close and stay closed all night?  What will happen to Restawhile on Monday… stay tuned




Just in case you needed some new snow….




This is all you are getting.  No more new snow pictures til October

Thanks to Michelle, Jake and Sampson for sharing their mushroom pics.  Time to go back to school and finish out freshman year.  They have made it through Freshman Studies at Lawrence and are on to bigger and better things.