The Northwoods is slowly waking up to spring.  The snow is still deep in the woods, but not as deep as it was.  Hopefully with warmer temps today and later in the week we start to see some brown ground.  Of course tomorrow we have temps below freezing and possibilities of snow a few times this week



The maple trees have been very slow to wake up and start dripping.  Even with temps in the 40’s Sat and Sunday they barely ran.  The theory is the snow cover is too thick yet and it is keeping the ground temp to cold for the sap to run.  Hopefully they get going today

At one point this winter the bird bath was completely covered in snow.  This shows how much melting we have had



This pic is for Ted showing the bear in the front yard coming out of hibernation.  I am still not venturing out through the wet snow to get a closer pic.  I did get Ted a present for his porch this weekend.  He will have to wait to see….  Paper reading will be very relaxing on the porch this summer



Picnics are still a long way off



Sitting in the cedar swing is also just a dream at the moment



Steps to the beach are ice covered and hard to negotiate.  Summer still seems a distant dream



Cliff hanging on the ice.  Atleast there has been some melting and he is not knee deep in snow any longer



In the meantime the selection of fingerless gloves, grows and grows