The winter has been hard on the deer.  This one seemed tired and in no hurry to move out of the way of my car.  I had to honk to get it to move.  They are looking a little rough and ready for fresh greens this spring



Grant snapped these pics out our car window this morning.  Deer find using the lake as a highway is easier than going through the deeper woods





The guys have been busy at Restawhile ripping out carpets and spiffing things up



Bedroom doors getting some TLC



Fresh coat of varnish in the bedrooms.



After much debate the few flooring for Restawhile was picked out.  Steve is happier with the quality of the flooring.  It is more like what we put in Shamrock and of course he got a good deal on it.  Anyone want to know about lament flooring and prices talk to Steve, he has been getting quite an education on installation, quality and price.