Temps soaring to almost 60 have got Cliff taking a big tilt in his chair.



The lake shore is finally showing signs of water.



We still though still have plenty of snow around the resort, and someone I know likes to play king of the mountain



Mack makes sitting on a snow bank so regal



Road to Eagles Nest still full of snow.  I have to remember to quite thinking the maple trees over there are the best.  Trudging through this snow has not been my favorite to check the taps.  The trees over by Eagles Nest have been very slow to wake up



Mack found these remains in the snow.  I am thinking an owl had dinner here last night



Our big sap container is out.  We store the sap in this container as we collect it.  We are still in slow cook mode, just cooking on our woodstove in the house.  When things really get going we get the outside fire and the evaporation pan going.  I like the more relaxed mode. The sap has to stay cool or it starts to ferment.  We learned that the hard way a few years ago.  Usually the snowbanks last til the end of the sapping season



Walking around the driveway is a muddy endeavor at the moment



The deer cooperated again this morning on the way to school.  They were coming off the lake a group of atleast 4.  I caught just this one straggler who waited and posed for me



Appreciate the deer for waiting before taking off so the deer paparazzi could snap some pics