uncle dave boat painting


What should be happening at the resort right now..  Getting ready for summer.  Boat painting… raking.. working outside.

This pic is from the 50’s showing my grandfather Maynard and Uncle Dave painting boats.  I am not sure who the 2 people are on the left side of the pic.  Uncle Dave is there so it is probably a girl watching him work.  Looks like Shamrock is in the back ground out by the dumpster area before it was moved to where it is today



Instead this is what is going on…. lots of ice and 8 – 10 inches of snow predicted over night.  No boat painting….



Lots of remodeling going on.  Restawhile cleaned up with it’s new floor.  What would Maynard say about this.  Probably that the floor was to expensive and not bought on clearence… or is that what Craig is going to say when he comes home from Arizona.



Little bit of shopping going on.  Steve found this neat lamp at Gas Light Square for a good price and it replaces…



Ugly lamps at Bear Den.  These have been on my list for awhile now looking for the right lamp to replace.  Anyone wants these beauties see St Matthias Thrift store.

Latest things on the guys list, repairing Red Pine’s woodwork in the bathrooms and new counter in Holiday has arrived for the one that got water damaged last year.  The list goes on and on….

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More of what should be going on but is not…  Uncle Dave sliding across the waters of Lower Kaubshine in a much warmer spring gone by. Is that a girl I see on the dock watching Dave ski?