We received about 15 inches of HEAVY wet snow.  School called off for the 5th day of the winter.  Kids will be going to school until the 4th of July at this rate.  Now the question is who got stuck today?



First off all the truck got stuck.  Someone…. put the plow all the way down in 15 inches of heavy wet snow and paused half way around the circle to talk to someone and could not get the truck going again….  Not saying who… that would be self incrimination.  The first round of ashes and shoveling occurred to get the truck out



Then there was a snow ball fight.  Who threw the first snowball?  That would be the guy in the brown jacket who is always ready with a snowball



Then the gator got stuck..



THen another snowball fight.  Grant scored a point on Ben here



Steve enjoying the challenge of 15 inches of wet snow.  Someone else happy to let him plow



Then Ben gives Grant pay backs for the face wash he got



More pushing of vehicles out of the driveway..



Ok it is pretty..  but we are done with it.  60’s in the forecast for next week and we can not wait.  Especially because Steve did not plow out Kaubashine, Shamrock, Holiday or Norway.  We are going to let them melt away