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Rain and warmer temps have taken a toll on the snow.  Hard to believe we had 15 inches of snow just a few days ago.  Melting away


The hillside is clearing out but still a lot of ice out there





I was not going out far but did put my feet on the ice and it is still holding firm


Cliff keeps tilting farther and farther back.  Ice Out is getting closer and closer


The maple trees have been flowing freely.  Bucket after bucket of sap has gone in to the big sap bucket.  The snowbank keeping the sap cool is getting smaller and smaller.  Soon I will have to move our remaining sap into all the fridges in the resort while we work on cooking it down on the woodstove



Kids in Muskie Inn had fun drinking sap from the trees.  I think their parents felt the sugar buzz they got off the trees.  Good thing the trees were shut down for most of the time they were here.  The trees only woke up and ran their last day.

Looks like a good year for sapping.  We are collecting it by the bucketful at the moment