2 days of 60 degree temps did a lot of melting.  Cliff still has a long way to go, but atleast the ice is changing colors


Between snowbanks we have started raking.  There is still snow on the ground but time to get to cleaning up


Piles appearing along the hillside


Maple trees are still running but have slowed down.  We did not cook the last 2 days and have sap stored in every container we could find.  The fridges in Birchwood, Muskie, Bayview and Restawhile are chucked full of sap waiting to be cooked.  We are trying to cook it cleaner this year, not on an open fire.  When we use an open fire outside we get ash in our syrup, so we are back to peculating it slowly on our woodstove inside.  We get 2 uses from the fire, warming the house and cooking down the syrup.  It cooks slowly so the steam is not a problem in the house.  When you live in 100 year old house, you do not have to worry about ventilation.



Steve has been working on his own project a map of the trails across the road.  He almost has it ready to publish.  We will be framing one of these in the office and have them in the resort info books in the cabins.  Nobody should get lost this year.  We are also adding our little wildlife/birding look out spot down by Kitty Creek on the otherside of the road from our trail system.  If you have not taken the time to walk down to the creek and sit and listen to the birds or admire the beavers work damming the stream you have missed out.  Now with the map you can hit all the great spots we have over our 80 acre trail system and our 40 acre creek area