Tory and I were gone for a few days on a spring water fall adventure.  April is always one of the best times to see water falls.  this is 8 foot falls in Marinette County by Crivitz



We came home to see how much had melted…  This strip down the middle of the lake is a left over snowmobile track slowly melting away.



Where the road meets the water is alway the first area to break up.  It is slowly starting.  I did see a lone duck this morning



There is hope the ice will be off by the 4th of July



Over on our side of the lake it is a little slower breaking up.  We did take 2 motors up to be fixed thinking sometime soon we will need them, hopefully



Cliff still hanging out and not going anywhere yet



Raft slowly showing signs of melting



Til it all melts away we will just go watch some more water falls.

12 foot falls