I have been getting questions about Cliff and how much melting we have had.  Here is the panoramic of our side of the lake.  The ducks yesterday were taken where the road meets the water.  4 days of cold rain have actually melted a bit of ice, turning the lake blacker and blacker



Shoreline showing signs of melting



Hopefully it will not be much longer!  I have 2 groups of fishermen coming next week.



Now on to the good stuff, pies.  We have discovered the hands down best pies in town.  I have seen a sign for a year just passed Save More in the Boardwalk shops advertising Amish Pies for sale.  It takes a lot to get me to turn off 51 for anything besides my list of errands, so I did not stop for a year.  But first I must tell you the story of the Gibson Family and pies

Troy and I started our marriage eating the most wonderful pies that we would buy from a church in his home town of Elmwood.  The little old church ladies would get together and make apple pies for a fund raiser for church.   They were made perfectly with homemade crust… a pat or 2 or 3 of butter under the crust to melt in… flaky crust… just the right spices with fresh apples…  It was a wonderful thing and we would buy 20 pies frozen and store them over the year and slowly eat them.  His parents would buy them for us, and bring them up to the resort when they came.  However, all good things must come in an end and the church ladies got older and nobody took their place and the pie fest slowly died off.  I have tried to fill the void with fresh grocery store pies.. frozen Sarah Lee…  even making a few of my own.



Until now..  Finally I have found a pie that meets the church ladies high standards.  Eichenholz Amish Furniture and Pie store in the Board Walk shops just passed Save More.  They not only have apple but about 15 other types of pies and cheese cakes.  I have found heaven.  Every pie we have gotten from them have been amazing.  Last night we had a black raspberry pie.  Black Raspberries are one of the things Troy misses about Elmwood.  We have no Black Raspberries that grow up here, so when I can find anything made from Black Raspberries I grab it.  Amazing pie!  Oh and nice people too.

You can buy the pies in the summer baked Memorial Day to Labor Day.  We prefer to get them frozen and cook them ourselves.  They take an hour in the oven.  Pies are 10 dollars each, a bargin considering what I have paid for pies not at church lady standard.  They also have cheese cake but I have not tried that yet.



Here is their menu.  Stop by and check out the store.

Oh… and they have lots of other Amish stuff as well, but if you are like me I could not make it passed the pies