The lake is getting blacker and blacker.  Picture taken 3:50pm Friday afternoon



Definitely melting since my last set of pictures.  It will not be long now



Raft is now free floating



Cliff has taken another shift to the back.  It will not be long now.  Here is the list of contenders still in the running for Ice Out 2014.

Will the Cikowski Clan win yet again?  Will Char and John Thompson Jr share a pot….  Will a Thompson Family member finally make it to be an ice out winner!  Stay tuned.  Next pictures will be Sunday.  I have to run to Minneapolis Saturday and Troy is staying home but he does not know how to upload pics to the blog so you will just have to stay in suspense til later in the day on Sunday

May 3rd Fritz

May 4th Kurt Brown

May 5th Jimmy Cikowski and Briza Bryden

May 6th Al and Roberta Cikowski

May 7th Casey Thompson and Tommy Cikowski

May 8th Char Schmelzer and John Thompson Jr

May 9th Karen Thompson

May 10th Mike Thompson and Kim Flower

May 11th John Thompson Sr.

May 14th Peter Anderson

May 15th Gail

May 16th Suzi Thompson

May 23rd Jerry Flower