The lake is getting closer and closer to going out.  The bay by the road is completely out


Ice burgs floating around


We could put in some docks today if we wanted.  Troy was looking at the ski dock where the canoe sits.  We leave that dock in year round and the ice has pulled up the front of the dock.  So far no major damage to the permanent docks



Cliff is hanging on. I am not sure he will make it through the day.  Al and Roberta Cikowski have today Tuesday May 6th.  Casey and Tommy Cikowski have tomorrow.  I think ti will be one of those two entries that win.  Either way once again a Cikowski will be winning the contest but can the Thompson Family sneak in tomorrow with Casey for 1/2 of the pot?  I do not think we will make it to Char Schmelzer and John Thompson Jr.




Cliff hanging on.  With a sunny day til afternoon and rain tonight and tomorrow the end is near