The winners of Ice Out 2014 are Al and Roberta Cikowski.  They are the only ones to pick Tuesday May 6th as the day Cliff would take the plunge in Lower Kaubashine.  They continue the proud tradition of the Cikowski clan picking being the big winners.  I believe Fritz has won twice and Kip won last year



Fritz still holds the claim to fame in the family as the only double winner. I think it is the amount of time he spends on the lake each winter sitting on a bucket looking down an ice hole thinking about the date to pick.   We have one other double winner and that is Linda Wrobel, but her way of finding the correct date was different than Fritz’s, she always came by to give Cliff a good luck kiss.  Fritz liked his way better than Linda’s



Late Tuesday afternoon May 6th we went to the lake to find Cliff had disappeared beneath the ice



He had already taken a ride in with the ice sheets so he was not too bad to drag out





He gained a little water weight


Put the camera down and give me a hand please…



Til Ice Out 2015 Cliff is drying out.  See you again next year.  Cliff does make appearances through the year by request or has been known to peep in a dinning room window scaring a few families.  See you next year!  Ice out 2014 is finally over