Oars pulled out of the shed for painting.  We are slowly getting the resort open and ready for summer but the weather is not cooperating.  It is hard to paint oars in 50 degrees and rain.  Hopefully we get a break soon



The big pontoon got a fresh coat of paint between the rain drops the last few days



One of the cabins that has never had a king is getting one…. We managed to rearrange on of the bedrooms to put a king in.  It will be a nice treat for one of the cabins… but which one?  I am leaving that a secret to surprise folks.  I will say to anyone in Bayview, Wildflower and Restawhile, sorry you are no the cabins.  There is no way to ever get a king in those bedrooms, sorry.  Under neath the King is also one of our new swinging bed mattresses.  Yes someone is getting a nice firm swinging bed mattress.  Never fear swing beds can never be too firm.



Chairs got spread around yesterday.  They are just waiting for someone to come sit in them

Goal this weekend is to make it to Cedar Falls to see the muskie’s jumping in the water fall.  Stay tuned for those pictures always a treat in May