It is beach chair painting time.  These chairs all have a history and a story to tell.  They are a variety of sizes and shapes.  Some bounce, some don’t.  They have been collected and painted each year.  I have spent the last 3 days working on them and you can’t help think about their history as you put yet another coat of paint on them and chip off years of paint revealing their many previous colors.  Some of these chairs have been with us since the 40’s and 50’s

resort 48161


The left hand side of this pictures has a couple of the old chairs.



This old one is a classic and is in the previous picture.  I had to spend some time a few years ago punching old paint out of all the holes.  The holes had disappeared with the layers of paint.  I love the old design in this chair.  You can not find its duplicate anywhere.  The Martha Stewart knock offs at Target have nothing on this old chair.  We had a couple of these chairs but the others slowly broke and this is the last one.  It does not bounce and sometimes gets over looked by folks looking for a bouncing or rocking chair but if you are at the beach this summer stop and just appreciate the old chair and all the summers it has spent at our beack



This is hands down the favorite chair of the beach.  It has been with us forever and is in an old pic at the end of the this blog entry.  It has the perfect bounce.  I have looked far and wide to find a duplicate to it but have never found one.  There is something about the spring in the old metal that is perfect.  I know weeks that this chair is quickly found Saturday afternoon and moved to a special spot and Bill’s towel sits on it for 2 weeks saving his spot.  Again if you get an hour to sit in this old chair on the dock and bounce and read with a warm breeze grab it, as long it is not Bill’s 2 weeks



This is another old one that does not bounce but has years of paint



I have been finding a few gems to add to the chair fleet the last few years.  I found this old glider at Island City Antiques a few years ago for 40 dollars and grabbed it.  Gliders are hard to find


One of the newer rockers I found over the years.  This one is a favorite and can usually be found on the white dock



This one I found 2 years ago.  I thought I had found the perfect bouncy chair to join our old bouncer.  It is good but not as good as the old one.



This years addition getting its first paint job.  I found it at the Saint Germaine Flea Market last summer for 40 dollars.  It has a different seat than any of our other chairs.  Can’t wait to hear if it becomes a favorite

resort 48120


Aunt Martha, my grandfather, Maynard’s sister pictured with the favorite bouncing chair.  Martha was a very smart lady and I am sure she grabbed that chair before anyone else could

So when you are at the beach and looking over our collection of old chairs, know that each has a story and a history to tell.  If you ever see the perfect bouncy chair please let me know the location and price and I will be there to add to the collection