We had a busy Memorial Day weekend welcoming guests and continuing to get the resort ready for summer.  With the late spring our painting and planting flowers is behind but we are slowly catching up.  First of all, the fun new stuff.  We purchased 2 lake paddle boards which will be for rent this summer.  Grant and Ben had a harrowing trip back from town in Memorial Day traffic with the mini van and paddle boards sticking out bungie corded down.  They were all smiles and ready to try them out



They gave them a big thumbs up.  The boards will be at the office and for rent for 35 dollars a day.  They are a fun new way to experience the lake.  I can’t wait to take them to Lake Superior later in the summer



Getting the hang of the board





New headbands arrived for the Looney Bin.  They will be for sale for 8.50.  Lots of great colors and they have a lot of stretch.  They do not pop off your head.  I also got some in kids sizes.  Katie and I discovered the head band lady a couple of years ago and have both bought many of her bands and endorse them as great and long lasting.  Katie already was over picking out 3 new bands as soon as she heard I had them



Anyone who took the canopy pontoon out last year knows we were having trouble with it.  It was in and out of the water back and forth to the mechanic.  We decided this summer was time for a new motor.  Troy and I took the new motor on the pontoon for a ride and were amazed at the quietness and there was no sputtering!  A definite improvement to the pontoon boat fleet

In the process of picking up the motor from the marina, we also spotted a pontoon boat we could not resist.  The Titanic is being retired next to the white pier.  We are moving the small canopy with the new motor in its place and our new pontoon boat will be at the end of the boats also with a canopy.  The Titanic did not have a canopy but now we will leave the canopy up on the pontoon for folks who want some more shade.  If sun lovers want to put it down they will be welcome to.  The new pontoon is more of a fishing pontoon with 2 captains chairs on the front to fish from.  All 3 boats will be able to go out for rent and work great.  No more sputtering!



Now on to the “New Old”  Folks who have been coming to the resort for more than 20 years will recognize this old game we had in out old rec room in the basement.  This game was bought new in 1953 by Maynard and has been a part of the resort since then.  It has not seen much action since the rec room was shut down in the early 90’s.  Last summer we moved the foosball and old pinball game out to the office area.  They were such a hit that we decided to bring the old bowling game out as well



Making it in the door with Craig supervising.  He knows the machine backwards and forwards and will have it running in a few weeks



The old shuffle alley operates with dimes and a shuffle puck.  You can play up to 6 players at a time if you add more dimes



Lots of fun has been had with this old game over the years



Putting it slowly back together



Paperwork inside the old machine



The wiring instructions that is Craig’s road map to getting the old machine going again.  It needs a good cleaning of switches and gears



Glad he knows what to do with all these wires



We ask everyone to please remember this game is an antique and supervising kids in using it so that it can be enjoyed by a few more generations.  Hopefully we will have the old game going in the next couple of weeks

I know the next question I will get from folks who remember our old rec room.  Where is the jukebox and when are you bring that back?  The jukebox is a sad tale….  We would love to bring it back out.  It is an Evans Century and looks like it belongs on Happy Days TV show.  Unfortunately we took the cellenoid out of it years ago to get it repaired or cleaned.  One of my sibblings, not me or Steve, was given the task of dropping the cellenoid off at the fix it shop…  The cellenoid went missing in the siblings car..  Without the cellenoid the machine can not run.  We have made a couple of attempts over the years to find a replacement but have not had any luck.  Jukebox people have told us it is like searching for a needle in a haystack.  If we can find a replacement the old machine will be put back in action.  Til then it is collecting dust in the basement with lots of 60’s and 70’s records inside of it


Maybe someday…..