1 day of getting ready and setting up for the craft fair in Torpy Park and 2 days of a craft fair ment not a lot of time to take pictures.  It was a long winter and I did not realize how long til I unpacked all the socks and fingerless texting gloves and actually looked at the amount I made.  Nice day to sit in the sun and listen to live music in the park and make socks



The rain has been coming down and the Lilies of the Valley have been soaking it up and blooming on the hill.



Birchwood surrounded by Lilies



Looking out off the hill in the rain



The guys raised the dock a couple of inches but the lake is still high.




Here is our new pontoon boat that is replacing the Titanic that has gone into retirement to Craig’s dock to be analyzed for its usefulness.  Nathan Ament will know what I mean about usefulness.  This gray boat will be switching places with our other canopy pontoon as soon as Troy has the ropes ready



Our other pontoon with a paint job and new motor.  Ready to head out for summer pontooning