The sign lady who makes the signs I sell was by the resort with more great signs.



She always has something new to bring over



Craig has been busy working on the bowling game.  Getting everything greased up and repairing circuits and wires



Cleaning the score spinner.  Glad he knows what he is doing.  Hopefully in a couple of weeks the sounds of strikes being hit will happen.  I have the easy job to look on Ebay and find a new shuffle puck.



With the lake high it has been a challenge to find a dry calm day to paint the dock.  The missing pic is about an hour later a big inboard came cruising by soaking the last 10 planks.  Steve takes no responsibility for what the last 10 planks look like



Painting painting and more painting… this time of year it does not end.  Finish one thing and 3 more are staring at you needing to be scraped and painted



There were 20 butterflies puddling around on the ground.  These 2 were the only cooperative ones.  I did not know butterflies puddle on the ground…