1957 Mr Kelly at beach


Katie has been raiding my dad’s 50’s and 60’s slides.  Take a trip back in time today.  Somethings change and some remain the same

1957 Craig in boat


Craig clinking the old row boats.  Sinking them to get the wood to swell and taring up the holes.  I am glad we do not have to do this anymore

1957 Maynard in front of Wildflower


Maynard my grandfather fixing something at Wildflower.  I would love that old car again



My dad Craig and Uncle Dave in the spring jetting docks down after the ice raises them.  We still use the jet in Craig’s hands to do the same thing each spring



What a bunch of bathing beauties.  My uncle is in the middle looking a lot like my oldest son.  To think they thought these suits were the bomb in the 60’s

1957 Dock Scene


More bathing beauties when the dock was a T.  The awesome bouncy chair is at the end of the dock as it sits today.  My grandmother is in the far chair

1957 Dock scene Taylors and Blums


Millie is in the right chair.  I believe Mrs. Taylor is on the far left.  The Blums are listed on the picture as the other couple, who I do not remember



Old ski boat before it became red.  We are waiting to get a new motor for it this year to put it in the lake.  The 40 horses on the old motor died

1961 Reeling in the muskie


This was one of my favorite sequence of pics.  I believe this is my dad’s cousin Rhoda and her husband Ross.  Troy and I were both saying is that a fish?

1961 Muskie fishing


Ummm yeah that was a fish

1961 Muskie


Nice muskie to be precise

1958 launching raft


More pictures to come.  I see a lot of throw back Thursdays ahead.  This scene minus the old suits could be taken this summer or in the 50’s.  Again look at the old chairs, the one on the left is our oldest chair, search for it on the beach this summer looking for the holes and you will find it.  Only thing you will not find is the diving board on the raft.  See the insurance company to complain about that