The Doering family is having a great time fishing this week.  This nice Northern was one of many they caught this week.  Their fishing report is the bass are biting like crazy but throwing them all back out of season.



One of the many bass they caught and threw back.  This one came in at 19 inches.

Now one to throw back pics from Katie’s treasure trove of pictures

1959 Maynard and Chipmunk


Maynard had a way with animals.  He raised a pet deer from a fawn and had this chipmunk eating out of his hands

1959 Maynard with chipmunk in hand


For those that met Maynard my grandfather he was a great guy who had a way with people as well as animals.  He is missed by many to this day.  We lost him in 1977 to a heart attack.  He and Millie bought the resort in 1946 for a whopping 36,000 dollars.  The asking price they walked away from was 37,000 it was just too much, but the Keith’s came down a 1,000 and the rest is history