Summer is here, school is out both elementary, high school and college and time to play on the water.  Jake and Grant out hanging on the new paddle boards showing why these are fun to try out



Someone always ends up in the water



Hey want is that in the water ahead of us?



Not a submarine headed by Ben to sink us, just a muskrat in the lake



Paddle Boards rock over studying for finals!



Comment from the peanut gallery on the perch… “Just don’t ask me to go for a paddle board ride, pontoon boats are not big enough for me to feel safe…”

1958 Craig driving boat


Black Family has been playing on the water for generations.  Craig taking the ski boat for a spin

1958 Dave on one ski


Dave Black doing what he does best making water skiing look easy.  All about enjoying time on the lake from the 50’s to today

1957 Millie's Birthday


Throw back pic of the day and a quiz.  This picture is taken at one of Millie’s famous birthday parties

Now here is the question.  The tables in the picture are still in the resort today.  Anyone recognize them from their cabin?  Murry Hixson will be able to answer this question for atleast one of the tables and the other one has had many games of Screw Your Neighbor played on it