A little bit of peace this morning.  Nice place to sit and relax



This picture is for Murry, your cabin is waiting for you.  There is just something about old cement steps that says Northwoods



Funny tourist story I have to share.  Ben our 16 year old is life guarding this summer and he had a funny question the other day.  See the yellow stuff in the water it is pollen from the pine trees.  Ben was asked if it was safe for children to swim amongst the chemicals in the lake.  I had to laugh at that one.  Nothing is more natural this time of year than yellow pollen in the lake



Meanwhile others at the resort have been filling the woodshed with wood chopped this winter.  Troy and Jake filling it up



They already have a pile in the shed on the wall.  Walls never stay bare for long in the woodshed.  We go through 12 – 13 piles like this in a year plus fire pit wood

Travel Pics096


It is much safer than the old days with my grandfathers saw.  Everytime I see old pics of my Uncle Dave the blonde in the pic he reminds me of how much Jake looks like him.  Jake is also going to the same college that my uncle graduated from Lawrence in Appleton.  I am just glad everyone in the family kept their fingers with this machine around

Dave limbing


We still have parts of this old machine in the back of the woodshed outside.  I am not sorry it has been retired and my kids are not helping use it

Millie and Maynard Shed


Days at the woodshed.  Somethings never change.  What would Maynard say if he knew the woodshed has shingles on it now.  He would be appalled but he would be happy to see it is still a place the family comes together to work and stack wood.