Throw back Thursday pic of the day.  This one is from the rec room in the basement in the rocking and rolling days of the juke box.  I am not sure who is in the pic maybe someone can identify.  Good times were always had in the rec room.  Speaking of good times I ran into a resident of the resort a couple of days ago who has been missing from the resort for a few years



Beaver who had an adventuresome few years at the resort was spotted in his retirement hanging out in the rafters by a river close by

He is a little worse for wear with his nose but seems to be enjoying retirement and the view of the river



Stop by this river location to find the beaver

Summer 2006 008


Beaver spent a lot of quality time at the resort

Summer 2006 019


He was joined by his friend duck and showed up in odd places around the resort surprising a few people.  I believe he got a few lysol bathes

Summer 2006 053


He seemed to like wearing a bikini

Summer 2006 069


He created quite a stir on the lake

Summer 2006 074


Duck held hostage by Hilltop resort came past in a patriotic parade followed by a firework nobody will forget

Summer 2006 030


So if you find yourself wondering where The Beaver is go check out the stream and the small house next to it and you will find our old friend hanging out dreaming of his days wearing a bikini surprising everyone