Summer has arrived and the blue dock is the place to be.  Gloria and Linda in their spots that they claim every Sunday morning after arriving to catch up on everything that happened during the year.  Murry had her spot in the shade



The McLinden family brought up their hammock to create the perfect spot next to the lake



The Geilenfeldt family had some indoor fun going on with a game board they created called Marble Chase.  Similar to Parchesse but with cards.  There were 2 sides to the board the 6 player or otherside…



4 player.  Team play could also be done.  These boards were hand made by a family member.  If anyone in interested in asking about how to get one let me know and I will put you in contact.  Very cool game



The rule sheet that goes along with the game



New at the Looney Bin shop at the resort are the new Black’s Cliff T shirts.  They are 18- 20 each.  I had to raise the price a little due to the extra screen printing with 3 colors.  I think they came out good



Also in sweatshirts which are 38 – 40 dollars depending on size



In sock news, I have 154 pair of socks done and ready to go.  These Green Bay Packer socks and gloves have been popular.  Let me know if you are interested in them, I make a few ahead and have a source in town for more yarn.  They are made out of hand died merino wool, the socks are 32 and the gloves are 25.  Most of my other socks are 18 – 27th dollars, but Merino Wool is not cheap so the price is a bit higher for them


When I was at the yarn store in Woodruff, Hidden Talents, they also had all the neat neon yarn come in.  Each skein is 18.95 and makes a pair of socks.  If you are interested in some neon socks and want to get some.  Stop at Hidden Talents and buy a skein, I will run it through my sock maker for 10 dollars a pair.  Really fun colors