Our tree that was hit by lightening last week was taken down this morning.  It is one of the biggest pines in the resort and right between two cabins.  It was time to call in the professionals and not rely on our own methods which usually end up with things being hit.  Everyone in the resort gathered at 8 am and got out of Birchwood, Wigwam and Muskie to watch the trees come down.



First off a couple of smaller dead trees came down.  This red pine next to Muskie has been on the list for awhile.



I was impressed with the sling shot they used to get ropes up into the trees.  Usually we are throwing a sandbag by hand up into the trees with a rope attached.  The sling shot was much more effective



Limbing the limbs off before taking down the trunk



Taking the trunk down piece by piece



Meanwhile Chris the tree guy was getting higher in the big white pine that was hit by lightening.  He was slowly taking off branches



They had quite an audience





Kids, big kids… adults… everyone was out in the driveway watching with their morning coffee



Higher and higher in the white pine.  It was a huge tree



Chris the tree guy shared this picture he took from the top of the white pine.  Quite a view!



Red Pine comes down.  Time for the big tree.  Problem is the crane is late to come help.  The big white pine is right over our water and gas lines and it had to be carefully lowered to the ground piece by piece so as to not damage the lines



While waiting for the crane to come time to take pics of the day



Time also to get some wood for the campfire



Finally the crane shows up



Time to extend to the top of the tree.  Goal is for the crane to hold up the top of the tree while the guy cuts it off above his head and slowly lower it to the ground.  Guy in the tree needs a raise!



Crane in place now up goes the ball



Owww and ahhhs from the ground as everyone watches



800 lbs of tree dangling in the air and guy in tree praying



Piece by piece being lowered to the ground



Lightening strike up close.  It blew the bark off the tree



The lower bigger parts of the tree had cracks through them.  I am happy we did not take chances and took this tree down.


Rich taking a memento from the tree and the day he will never forget.  Just happy to still have Rich with us after the morning of the lightening strike.  He was standing 20 feet from the tree when it happened



Moral of the story… stay inside when you hear rumbles of thunder