Happy 4th of July.  We got an early start to the festivities with our annual horseshoe tournament at Hilltop.  Just about the entire resort was entered



The ringing of shoes… or the ringing of trees being hit could be heard.  Some are better throwers than others



Intense competition playing to 11



Roy Tungett the originator of the tournament could not make it this year and passed the torch to Tom Hixson.  Tom bravely took on the task as Roy would approve.



Some came to play just to see what improvements were made to the traveling trophy.  This year it got rainbow pompons added to the shade. What a marvelous thing everyone should have in their front window



Some came for the new drink at Hilltop the Kaubashine Cooler.  A mix of 6 rums and several juices.  Highly recommended to enjoy any tournament you find yourself in with a 1st place prize pictured above



I was quickly out and enjoying a Kaubashine Cooler, that left Troy to represent for the Gibson Family



Exact measurements were made to make sure the correct points were credited



Eric took out Troy in the Semi Finals.  Eric was thrilled to make it past Troy but was sadly taken out in the next round and his name will stay on the plaque for another year



The finals came down to Buck vs Rich



Carrie vs. Katie



In the end Katie and Buck won the match and it was time for everyone’s favorite part, the presentation of the awards



Tom Hixson put on a show that was equal the quality of the prizes and would make Mr. Tungett proud.  Tom has carried on a proud family tradition of leading out events at the resort that was started by his father

1958 Mr Hixson Camp Director


Here is Mr Hixson senior from 1958.  What is the story with this outfit?  I am not sure… but the apple does not fall far from the tree



Yep the proud Hixson family tradition calling forth the gods of Horseshoes….  Maybe next year Tom can dig up the outfit his dad was wearing in the previous picture



The Horseshoe angles came forth to greet Tom



Being pelted with horseshoe dirt is a yearly tradition and something some of these kids look forward to each year


The 2nd place weiners…. whinners



Katie and Buck getting their Pole Dancer shirts they will wear with pride



To go with the lamp this year the eagle prize was also given out.  Katie is eyeing up the lamp with all sorts of ideas on how to improve it.  Never give an art teacher in the summer a challenge like this to improve the lamp



Proud to be Pole Dancers



19 years of the tournament and ready to do it again next year for the 20th year



Back at the resort it was time for the 4th of July picnic.   Everyone made it down with their dish to pass and meat cooked at 5:30



Mack loves picnics


We were also able to get a picture with our 2nd cousins Mary and Julie who were up for the week.  Their grandma Kay was Maynard’s sister.  Great to spend time with them and Kay, Martha and Maynard are smiling down for somewhere knowing we were together again minus Laurie this summer



Katie also brought over her secret project.  She has been working all week on this to bring over to hang on our new office.  I can’t wait to see it hung up.  Katie is considering doing more of these or different animals if anyone is interested I can put you in touch with her.  It is great to have artists in the family who like to experiment on things and bring them over.  Katie’s husband Bryon is our totem pole maker.  Between their art and Steve’s they keep the resort looking great with their creations