It has been a cool week but the flowers are still blooming and guests have been finding other ways besides swimming to keep busy



We do not mind the cooler weather as it lets us get some projects done.  The office building has gotten a new deck in the last week.  Katie’s loon circle was on the deck waiting to be hung as well



Seating rail was also added so folks have plenty of places to sit out at the building



Now time to hang the loon.  The artist was on hand to approve of where and how



Steve getting it just right



Little more direction from the artist, Katie from the ground



Yeah it is done!



Love it!!!  Katie is going to be making smaller circles that she will be selling.  I have heard otters, moose, bears and more loons mentioned as possible inspirations.  I will be showing her next projects as she gets going on them.

Moral of the story:  When your sister the artist calls and says she wants to make you a surprise for your new building always, always say YES!



In other looney news I would like to share this picture from Kim Flower of our new baby loon on the lake.  Kim did not have her good camera, just her Iphone to take this pic of the new family on the lake.  Thanks so much Kim for sharing this great news!  Hopefully more and clearer pics of the baby loon to follow