With the cool weather this week, Steve headed off on a Mercer adventure.  Mercer is about 40 minutes from the resort on Hwy 51.  It is a unique small town that boasts the worlds biggest loon.  Clare the loon greets you as you come in to town.  Mercer is also known for having a Loon Calling Contest every year in August.  Someone I know… has won it a few times…  not saying who

IMG_4908Mercer is also known for this train museum.   Stop in and tour the caboose.  The loon and the caboose are as far as many folks go…. but if you know where to go…..  there are a few more things to see and do


Downtown Mercer… where to go what to see.  There are no fancy restaurants that I know of, instead several Food/Bar hang outs.  The one we recommend is the Around the Corner Pub.  Search around and you shall find it around the corner



The Wampum shop is easy to find and an iconic shop downtown for everything that you would think you would find in a 5 and 10 from the 60’s and 70’s  fun to just explore around the store.  Next door is the true treasure Aunt Esther’s Attic.  Steve did not remember to grab a pic of the outside of the store.  Here is the link



What do you find at Aunt Esther’s.  Cool and unusual things is the best way to describe it.  Things you would find nowhere else.  Here is the description from their website and I think it sums it up

WELCOME!  If you like things funky, unique, playful, profound, old, new, or in-between, then you will have a great time perusing the rooms at Aunt Esther’s Attic.  We are located in beautiful downtown Mercer, WI ~ the heart of the northwoods, and loon capital of the world.


Visit our fashion boutique, where we have a large display of 2012 spring/summer scarves, jewelry, handbags and gifts.   We also have vintage and retro bracelets, necklaces, rings and brooches.  In addition, browse the antiques, where you will find a collection of teacup sets, books, housewares, small wood furniture pieces, depression glassware, lamps and swags, linens and primitives.


Are you interested in bottle trees and yard art?  We have a large  selection of welded bottle trees and other yard art, as well as colored bottles for your bottle tree.  The artful, crafty and ancient practice of reusing and recycling is alive and well at Aunt Esther’s ~ as seen in arts and crafts displayed by local artisans. 


Aunt Esther’s Attic ~ the coolest attic on the planet. 

Your treasure is waiting…



One of the best parts of Aunt Esther’s Attic is their scarf and hat cave.  Everything is hand made



Someone I know peeking out of the cave.  Truly unique things to be found



What is a cool shop with The King of Rock?

So if you find yourself with a cool week or you are in need of cool things head North to Mercer and check out what they have to offer