Every Friday is the beginning of the emotional roller coaster of the resort.  We say goodbye to one group and toast a wonderful week or 2 on Friday night with one group



The melancholy realization that in 51 weeks we will do this again but week number 52 is the fastest of the entire year.  This downward roller coaster of saying goodbye to everyone Friday and Saturday morning is followed quickly by…



Very happy campers in their best good shoes ready for a week of fun with family and friends.  I love these shoes!



Then after the hellos come the requests.  Pam was very disturbed by the small wine glasses in Wildflower and requested a larger one for her to enjoy her week.  I have something in the storage room for everyone you just need to ask



Wine glass and a fan for the first really hot week of the summer. The box fans have not made it out of storage for the few hot days we have had.  Pam was sure she would need one this week



Then there is everyone adjusting to the different pontoon boat next to the white dock.  There are rumors that they may sneak down to Craig’s house to have one long sit on the retired pontoon boat.  Then again they seem to have found their spots on the boat



John had to test out the new bouncy chair at the beach.  He would like Bill Scully to know he agrees this is now the best bounce on the beach



Then the food comes out followed by wine in big glasses…  somehow both days the goodbyes and hellos always involve good food and good wine.



Then there are good old dogs who are just happy to be back at the lake enjoying the view



Emma has found her spot for the next 2 weeks til the emotional rollercoaster of goodbyes and hellos start all over again