This blog entry is dedicated to Paul and all the clowning around he has done over the years.

The retirement of the Titanic pontoon boat has not been too traumatic, everyone has found a new spot to enjoy on the “new” boat by the white dock

I keep thinking everyone will enjoy the shade this boat has with a canopy but I should have known better, the pulled the canopy back



Sitting on the dock and catching up is what it is all about.  Jackie and Steph just missing their wine glasses


Warm weather fishing with Ed and Ejay



Paddle boating and escaping the grown ups who can be so embarassing..



No afternoon is complete at the beach without a sandcastle or 2



Diane and Elaina contemplating dinner at Jacobi’s after a day at the beach… ohhh what to have

Petite garlic stuffed tenderloin, with grilled walleye would be Diane’s pick

Elaina agrees with her mom on garlic stuffed tenderloin, but she adds in coconut shrimp to make it perfect

That is the first night, the 2nd night is the good old stand by of, Honey Pecan Chicken.

All sounds good to me, no cooking, and a perfect day at the beach with friends



This perfect day at the beach has been dedicated to Uncle Paul. ┬áNo summer would be complete with out “A Little Something We Call Clowning Around”