For the past week the guys have been busy finishing the deck on the office.  With the help of a few around the resort the project got finished


John Thompson helping Steve get the right pitch the ramp


Lots of talking, a few beers, a few old stories told, a few beers, a few nails pounded, a few more stories told…  you get the picture.  In the end it turned out great and everyone had a good time helping





Just down the road from the resort the Flower Family has opened a Little Free Library.  Check it out if you are walking along the road.  Kim will keep it going til mid August and then will put it away for the winter until they come back in the spring



Little Free Library’s are popping up all over the United States.  You borrow a book and return it or return it to another Little Free Library around the county. The website for them is at  You are welcome to leave a book as well if you have one to leave.  Nice idea and say hi to Kim if she stops and says hi as you are checking out her library