Nothing like sitting in a green chair with your pink Disney fishing pole, pink shoes and your grandpa, and learning to fish.



Disney fishing pole number one fishing pole for the under 10 crowd.  I have seen a muskie get snagged by a Mickie Mouse pole a few years ago.



Bailing out the boats a tradition that has not changed over the years



Steve and Troy have been busy on their next projects



New pallets for the blue dock are coming soon



The elder statesmen of the resort Dave Black and Craig Black sharing some chocolate chip cookies as they over see the new project.  Dave has spent the week back at the resort from Delaware where he lives with his wife Georgia and his boys Dave Jr and Chris and their families.  Always  nice to spend a week with Dave back in the Northwoods


Craig and Dave back in the day with their elder statesman, Maynard.  Maynard taught them everything they know

Gutchow pictures 56


Maynard would be happy to know today what he started back in 1946.  Not sure what he would say about pink Disney fishing poles