Mark Jepson asked me last week if he could use his metal detector in the swimming area.  We had no idea what he would find.  Mark found there is a lot of stuff that has dropped in the lake over the years



Showing off his metal detector that is his hobby in his spare time



Some of the treasure found



The find of the day was this Mercury Dime from the 30’s.  He found it right by the steps into the water



His collected junk and loot for the day.  Mark is ready to come back next year and see what else he can find



I spent some time painting out old windows on our house.  These old French Windows are some of the last in the resort.  They were installed in 1959 by my grandfather.  I have a love/hate relationship with these old windows.  I love the look of them, but the painting maintenance and the bad insulation they provide in the winter make me grumble.  However there is something heart warming about painting and recalking the same windows your grandfather did.  Recalking… with puddy is an art form I learned from my dad.  You can not own old french windows without the skill of being able to calk them.  Keeping up with the old windows I will continue, it is worth it on a warm summer day when we open them.  Makes you forget the cold winter days when they are drafty… or dragging the old, huge, heavy storm windows out of the basement in the fall and putting them away in the spring.

1959 View of back of house


Same windows for 1959 when they were installed along with our septic system

1959 septic tank


Nothing thrills a member of the Black Family quite like installing a new septic day.  It was a party in 1959 and will be this fall when Muskie and Bayview get the latest in septic technology.  Windows and septic parties… somethings never change

1960 Platform for fishhouse

Speaking of never changing..  any idea what this is being built in 1960?  It has not changed much to this day

1960 Fish house-2


Another hint of the building under construction in 1960

1960 Fish House

Answer to the question is the Fish House when it was brand new

1963 Steve Semmelmeyer down at lake


Ta- Da- somethings change but many more remain the same even if they are old and drafty.  Steve Semelmeyer on the main dock with a Mercury Dime in his hand dropping it in the lake to be found this year