I was biking down the Bearskin trail last night and noticed a splash of color on the trail amongst all the green



Brilliant reds giving a hint of fall around the corner



I found this old pictures of the playground before it was a real playground.  Thought a few would get a kick out of it

1958 Jergens and Prices


Fall is still a ways off and til then we will try to enjoy the last few days of summer as we have for years

1958 Group watching


Time to sit back like Maynard above and enjoy the sun

Craig made a correction on my blog from yesterday.  The french windows I pictured the other day actually predate my grandfather and go back to the Keith Family who did the first addition to our house adding the dinning room and kitchen area in the 30’s.  My grandfather added the basement and that is what the pictures yesterday showed.  My feelings on the french windows have not changed and a month from now we will be dragging the heavy storm windows out of the basement and going up two precariously placed ladders to put them back in place for winter.  The joys of living in an almost 100 year old house