It has been a cool and slightly wet week.  Perfect for working on the wood pile.  Late summer is time to get the wood pile built back up



The resort is full but the large families have left giving it a feeling of quiet.  Starting to feel like fall for a few days before Labor Day Weekend brings the big families back for one last summer horrah


The Bodden family enjoying their 3rd trip to the resort and a game of Chinese Checkers.  The kids barely managed to make it the last hour before arriving in the car.  Very happy to be back for their 3rd year


The socks are starting to build up again for the Fall and Christmas season.  I know the demand for Christmas presents and folks that want warm feet for winter is just around the corner.  The sock machine has been cranking them out trying to catch up after the summer craft fairs and resort guests who dwindled my supply down.  This week I was working hard on the No Wool you see in the back 3 rows.  After The After Loon Delight craft fair at the beginning of August those 3 rows were dwindled down to 5 lonely socks left in the No Wools.  The No Wool socks are 100% Acrylic and great for folks who think they are allergic to wool or just want a cooler sock.  They come in tons of colors, mostly bright ones but there is also some calm browns and cranberries in the selections.  Top row is size 6 – 7 1/2, 2nd row is 7 – 8 1/2 and 3rd row is 9 – 10.  The front row is my 50 percent wools size 6 – 7 1/2   See one you want a better picture of or size just email   I ship them out as well for usually 5 dollars a shipment.  All the socks in the picture are 18 a piece

1958 cooking steaks with mr thompson, herl

Pic from the old file.  The caption said the picture was from 1958 and Mr Thompson was in the picture along with Maynard.  Maybe someone in the Thompson family can confirm if this is Jack Thompson or not

1958 Craig raking


Craig raking around Kaubashine.  Kaubashine has changed a bit over the years.  This pic was taken before they added the foundation around the cabin.  It used to be a 2bdr.  Where you see the green line between the windows is the addition.  The first bedroom used to be a 2nd screened in porch.  I am not sure what year the 2nd porch became a bedroom, if the Keith’s did it before 1946 or if Maynard did it when they bought the resort.  Craig probably knows the answer and will text me shortly after I hit publish this blog entry.  Answer probably coming tomorrow