Pipa above is at the resort for the first time with her grandparents.  She was getting ready to go out bluegill fishing with her grandpa and dad.  She was putting style into fishing on Lower Kaubashine.



Pippa was of going in the pink canoe and determined as anyone to catch a big fish!



We had a good storm last night and that ment time to bail the boats out.  Jake is ready to go back to college after helping bail half of the lake out of the boats this morning



Gonna be a great warm end of summer day at the resort

1958 Craig raking


I have been of course historically corrected on this picture.  Craig let me know the bedroom on the right was enclosed by him.  It used to be a small porch that held the ice, ice box.  Back in the day when ice was used to keep fridges cold it was stored on the back porch.  I am also guessing there was a station on the porch for washing dishes.  Correction made.  He also confirmed that Jack Thompson was who was pictured at the cook out pic from yesterday