I stopped by Shamrock to find the Peissig family having a carving lesson.  I see lots of groups whittling sticks around the campfire and what this family was doing gave whittling a whole new dimension



Don showing off some of his great creations.  Wonderful work!



This was their first of hopefully many trips to the resort


Dan and Kaitlin are in their 4th year returning to the resort.  They spent their honeymoon at the resort 4 years ago and have returned each year.  This year was extra special as Marcus joined them.  Dan ordered up 3 stockings for the expanding family that they picked up while here

Just a reminder Christmas is around the corner.  I have atleast one of each stocking done at the moment but that will probably not last for long.  If you are thinking of some for Christmas they are 48 each including the name and can be shipped for 5 dollars an order



The Greer Family traveled all the way from Pennsylvania for their first trip to Northern Wisconsin.



Jan, Betsy and Caprice enjoyed another week in the Northwoods together.   Jan has been coming for 5 years to the resort but has been in the Northwoods for many more than that since she was a kid going to her Grandma’s cabin on Lake Tomahawk.  Betsy has clocked in over 10 years of knitting on the porch.  Caprice was born in the Northwoods and was a Minocqua Bat from 1964 – 1974.  Her kids also were all Minocqua Bats.  Returning to the Northwoods to share stories, time, coffee and knitting gives them all big smiles.  They can also be caught in their Pj’s running from one cabin to the others usually with knitting needles trailing behind.  See you next year!



The Pizorski kids in their 3rd year increasing their pinball skills.



Nothing is better for a Labor Day end of summer treat quite like a pizza and Kaubashine Cooler at Hilltop