Labor Day Weekend fun, the Oster and Ament families were up enjoying the lake and the last beach days.  They would like everyone else the last week of July to know they were missed and a toast was given to them on the white dock.  There are a lot of  days clocked by this group.  To many years to count.  Jamie’s grandfather goes back to I think the Elmhurst days with Maynard and Jackie’s dad Jack also dates back to the 50’s.  I am sure they will correct me and someday I will tell the whole story.  Just know there are many summers clocked in by this group in the same spot on the dock and in the same chairs



The Minkin family was enjoying their 3rd Labor Day weekend at the resort.  They need a few more members to sink the raft as the Oster/Thompson/Christian/Berchtold familes do the last week of July.  See you all next year



Lots of fun being had on the lake.  Roy in the background keeping all his kids and nephews and nieces happy with tubing rides.  Everyone lived to see the end of the day



Fishing, never ever enough fishing for this guy



Horst and Marie enjoying watching all the kids ski and tub.  After all the rain this weekend everyone has happy to soak up some sun



Troy trying to figure out how to get in a wayward boat that was floating in the shoreline.  Could he do it without getting wet?





Almost there….



Well that was too easy



Back to the dock



Just happy he did not run into the bees nest at the end of this branch.  It was bobbing in the wind in the middle of the picture.



A great end to a wonderful Labor Day Weekend



Charlie and Noah crashed on their first night of sleeping on a swinging bed.  They usually stay in Bear Den in July where there is no swinging bed.  Noah voted to stay in Norway from now on with the Swinging bed.  Charlie is more a creature of habit and voted for Bear Den with the ping pong table.  Never fear boys both will be waiting for you anytime you come up.  Til then make your parents life easier and sleep in til 8am just like you did on the swinging bed.  Yes Charlie I am talking to you Mr. 5 am