Troy and I had not been out to Kitty Springs in awhile and decided to head down the trail and see if we had any storm damage or trees down.  The top of the big hill half way to Kitty Springs is my favorite outlook with the big towering Red and White Pines along the trail



Still a lot of muskrat fence can be found left from the 40’s when the land was a muskrat farm.  We are slowly cleaning it out of the land but it is a long project



Views of the spring which will only get better as the fall leaves change



Heading down the last part of the trail which is the prettiest and worth the walk



Sit back and enjoy the view.  If you have never hiked our blue trail to Kitty Springs you need to take the time next time you are at the resort.  It will be a snowshoe trail before too long



Migrating birds stop by as well at the spring


On the way back we spotted lots of mushrooms.  I do not pretend to know anything about them.  Not sure what kind this is



Had a pretty top.  Mushrooms were bursting out all over the trail



I know this is a common mushroom but again I do not know the type



Steve took some time a couple of weeks ago to clear out an area by the bog along the orange trail.  He cleared out a spit of land that goes out into the bog.  The spit might  have been a railroad spur that was used to get logs out back in the 1900’s.  We have found several spurs like that out into swamp land in other parts of our land.  At the end of the orange trail check out Steve’s spur



In other news the guys were over at Kaubashine with the tools.  They broke up the cement slab in front of the cabin and put in a wider wood stair



Is that all she does, walk around with a camera?



In the process of digging around the cabin step Steve found this old fork



It was silver of some type.  I think it has seen the end of its days.  You  never know what  you will find digging around the resort