When Craig goes shopping, Craig goes shopping.  He is the only one I know of that requires a semi to deliver his goodies.



Lets just say Menards loves him and we now have enough patio block for a couple of years.  Where will it go?  It is not completely decided but he got a great deal.  That is when I know I am in trouble when a conversation starts with “I got a great deal”  I know a semi is on its way

The back end of the truck on top has ice shield to go up on Kaubashine and Shamrock porch roofs to prevent leaking.  Craig thinks he has come up with the solution for those flat roofs that like to spring a leak or 2 in rain storms, and he got a “Great Deal”



Troy and Steve getting the first area ready for patio block down at Red Pine.



Frequent followers of the blog will remember a entry I did about French windows and my love hate relationship with them.  If you ever think about owning a resort and everything you have to know to run a resort put french window maintenance on the list.  We do not have nearly as many of these windows as we used to.  Most of them are confined to our house, Birchwood and Eagles Nest.  The few that are left are enough….  They are mostly from the 30’s and need TLC to keep going.  Taking out the old putty, reapplying it and repainting the window



This pane was in our house and cracked for the past 5 years.  Finally taking the time to take care of it.  Getting the putty just right to make it past the grand master of puttying standards.  Tomorrow will be painting day.  Puttying and painting windows is an endless project.  Make sure it is a skill you can do if you think of running a resort and fishing in your spare time.  Fishing in your spare time…..  hmmm that would mean there is spare time when running a resort…..  Has anyone spotted a member of the Black Family fishing…. that is a question…

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