When it is a beautiful fall afternoon and the colors are out the woods are calling.  No better way to see the woods than by horseback.  I happen to have a sister 15 minutes away with 3 horses to ride and it was time to go for a ride in the woods with the color.  There are 3 riding stables in the area to do this if you do not have a sister close by with 3 horses, but it is so much nicer to go with your sister if you have one.



Heading down the trail.  Katie and I worked 10 years a piece at a riding stable in Minocqua, Circle M in our teenage years.  We learned on the job and could not have asked for a better job as a teen.  Katie adopted a few of the old Circle M horses but they have all passed away.  She now has Ebony the gray in the front who is 31 years old and great for her son Sam to ride on.  Quinn the black in the middle was an unhappy trail horse who needed to not be a trail horse.  Katie bought her from Holiday Acres a few years ago.  Not all horses are cut out for butt to tail for 8 hours.  Quinn is much happier with Katie.  Maggie the brown horse I am riding is fat and sassy.  Her mother in law bought her as a young horse and she is now 15.

We got off well down the trail once the saddling was done.  Katie forgot to tell me Quinn gets skittish when her saddle is being put on.  One halter got broken out of the incident and from  now on Quinn gets saddled by Katie.




Down the trail we go to enjoy the colors



Hey Aunt Jenny, I am ahead of you!



Answering resort phone on horse back.  The office travels with you everywhere when you own a family business.



Katie reliving her trail guiding days



Down the trail we go.  Teaching Sam how to stop Ebony.  He rode Maggie a few weeks ago who loves to trot up and gets cranky with kids floppy legs banging her sides.  Sam was much happier on old Ebony



Toes up heels down.  If Katie and I had a nickel for every time we said that during our guiding days



The colors were amazing



Time to head back to the barn



Nice rub down and some grain = happy horse and happy kid.

Anytime you get the chance to get out in the woods on horse back give it a try.  Anyone with teenage girls who are driving them crazy, take Craig’s advice, get them a job at a barn.



Fall pic on Blue Lake Road along the  Tomahawk River 5 minutes from the resort