This amazing picture was taken this last weekend and shared with me by Becky Van Elsen.  Amazing pic!  Becky took it just down the shoreline from Eagles Nest.  It is the dock at King’s Manor.  Thanks for sharing Becky



It has been a busy weekend and made even better with the arrival of the scotties.  Every June and October Michele and Tom Bronsky come with their 2 scotties and there is usually an additional one or 2 that also join them.  It is a scottie dog party at the resort.  Tom and Michele are from Door County and host the door County Scottie Rally each year   They raise money for research into scottie dog related illnesses and scottie dog rescues.  If you have a Scottie or like Scottie’s check out their site or stop and meet the Scottie’s when you see the flag up at Birchwood



Steve was thrilled to see the Hen in the Woods mushroom bloomed over the weekend.  Steve harvests this mushroom every year to cook with.  This year 3 heads of mushroom have appeared next to Birchwood.  Every year it grows in the same place.  It is worth 150 dollars a pound dried.   He will not be selling it but will be enjoying lots of great mushroom dishes when it dries



Hen of the Woods.   I always mistakenly call it Chicken of the Woods, but I hear that is a whole other mushroom