View along the road to the resort.  I have decided I have become to reliant on my iphone camera which does take nice pictures and is always with me.  I need to bring my nicer better quality camera along more.  This is from my Cannon xsi









Road to paradise








What is on the needles?  I finished a 2 pair of the green blue now wool, 100% acrylic socks in 6 – 7 size and 7 – 8 1/2 sizes 18 dollars.  The gloves on the far left in the same yarn are medium size 25$ and I will finish them up tonight with some hand sewing.  I started a new stocking last night, this one will be a cabin stocking to replace the one that left this weekend.  The skein on the right is a single skein of a new yarn I found on ebay 50% super wash wool, 25% soy silk, 22.5% cotton and 2.5% chitin.   Can’t wait to see what a pair of socks looks and feels like out of this yarn.  I will probably make them to a size 7 – 8 1/2 and they will be 27 for the price of the yarn