We shall start out with the good news.  Fishing is definitely picking up.  Brent caught this nice 35 inch muskie this week and released it.  Thanks for sharing the picture Brent!


Jeannie got sick while up north and did not get to go shopping in town.  Instead as she was feeling better came down to the Looney Bin and decked herself out with socks, 2 stockings and Christmas balls.  Hope you are feeling better Jeannie.  She says at least she had a nice view while not feeling well and will now have warm socks to keep her feet warm this winter


Now the bad news… yep it happened last night…. first snow started yesterday October 3rd…….


Snow…. did I say snow?


Yep there was snow



What came off the needles last night?  That interesting ball of green yarn I pictured the other day made wonderful pair of green yellow socks.  It is as combo of wool, soy silk and cotton.  I have never worked with a yarn like this.  It had an interesting and soft texture.  I have just one skein of the yarn and turned it into this pair of size 7 – 8 1/2 socks.  They are 27.   The red, gray, black socks are no wool, 100% acrylic.  I have to sew their toes up tonight in size 7 – 8 1/2 as well at 18 dollars.  I call them my sock monkey socks.  I got the gloves from the last entry done they are no wool as well in size medium, 25$.  Each pair of my gloves has 2 hours of work in them start to finish along with the yarn.  Socks are an hour start to finish with hand sewing the toes.  Now to see what that pink ball comes out like.

I bought a bunch of really nice German single skeins on ebay of really nice yarns.  I am anxious to make them all up and see what these new yarns look like.  It is fun to see new yarns come off the sock maker.  Stay tuned