Katie and Jack every year share with me their favorite vacation pics.  In between naps on Birchwood’s swinging bed they snapped a few pics



Fishing with dad on one of the last warm days to enjoy the blue dock



Hmm…. why is the fishing pole left on the beach?  Maybe they were enjoying the sun too much to throw a line in



Early morning sunrise



Thank you Katie and Jack.  See you next year!



I had a couple of other pictures shared with me the Struger family caught 4 muskrats or lake otters frolicking by where the road meets the lake.  They were having a party and oblivious to any photographers shooting their pictures


The guys of the Frisch Family Kevin, Brian, Mike and Will were up doing some hunting.  They were bow hunting part of our land and bird hunting other areas around Hazelhurst.  They saw lots of doe but no bucks to shoot at.  They took a break from hunting to canoe up Kitty Spring with one of our canoes and shot this pictures of the springs, thanks for sharing