The leaves are off the trees and it is time to get to blowing and raking the resort



Steve armed with one of our blowers to do the first task which is to blow all the roofs off



The views are great from the roof tops.  He can have the views, I will stay on the ground



We had cords of wood delivered the other day but we also have some dead trees to take down around the resort.  Steve and Troy have been busy with the chainsaw over at Bear Den and Red Pine.  Steve’s wood crib with the wood piled in it is ready to be sawed apart quickly



Here is what has been churning off the needles this week.  I have a craft fair at the high school on Saturday so I have been churning them out as fast as the guys have been cutting wood and blowing leaves.  The gloves and socks are in some fun new colors I have been trying out.  Except for the neon colors all the others are no wool yarns and are 18 for the socks and 25 for the gloves.  The neon socks are expensive yarns.  I will try to keep a couple of them in the shop all the time, but if you want a particular size of them let me know.  The neon yarn is not the easiest to get so plan ahead for these they are 30 dollars a pair and are 75% wool and 25% nylon.

One more Christmas stocking off the hand needles.  The bear stocking is the next one I am making but it has been claimed by very cute little guy in Wyoming.  Email me at for details or other pictures of what is out in the shop.  The stockings come in moose, angel, snowman, cabin, tree, bear, santa and holly (pictured above)