Nothing is as exciting as the day the new septic gets installed.  Craig is in Arizona and believe me he wishes he was here.  Something about digging up and old tank and ripping up lots of the yard gets the blood pumping with excitement in the Black Family.  I just look at it as a 10,000 dollar bill in the ground.  Everyone in Bayview and Muskie though will be flushed with happiness that there is a new system.  Troy is happy, Muskie’s tank had to be dug up once a year to be emptied and it was the deepest tank.  We had a deeper tank at Kaubashine but that was replaced 4 years ago with Shamrock.  Shamrock….. well that is another septic story and we are happy that tank was also replaced 4 years ago.  I think Maynard was in charge the day the original system was put at Shamrock…  Slowly but surely Tory has less work to do on septic tank cleaning day



Yep 10,000 dollars going under ground



Here is what all the excitement is about.  Also being installed is a new drain field.  Those in the city with city water and sewer have never gone through all this fun.  For us just when we get all he tanks in the resort redone the state will come out with new regulations and tanks and we will do this all over again in 25 years.  Wildflower, Red Pine and Craig’s house are the next ones on the list next year… or the year after…. or the year after that.



Be happy you have city sewer and not a mess to clean up in the spring



The guys got one other thing off their to do list.  Bear Den got a new window downstairs next to the patio door.  This one is much more energy efficient and easier to clean.  Very happy to see this is done.  Now back to the list..

Want the honor of being the first one to flush in the new septic system give a call, you will make Craig jealous in Arizona