Deer Camp 2014 arrived this weekend.  We had 5 groups of hunters at the resort.  Most of them regulars.  Over the years they have established their spots in our 120 acres we have in addition to the resort.  With the restrictions on doe hunting this year it was a lean year for hunting.  We did have one of our groups get a 10 point on the 40 across from the resort.  After 2 hard winters up here doe hunting has been cut out.  Bucks are only allowed north of Hwy 64, basically the northern 1/3 of the state.  Hopefully this will allow the herd to recover.

I still have 2 cabins left for Thanksgiving Birchwood and Red Pine.  Give a call if interested.  I also have 40 acres of private hunting land open over the Thanksgiving holidays down by the river.   Give a call if interested

To non hunters, no worries, the grounds around the resort the 10 acres is completely safe, no hunting going on.  Dog walking and no need for blaze orange in the resort.  The only restrictions are that our hiking trails outside of the resort are shut down on the other side of Lower Kaubashine.  All our hunting land does not attach to the resort

Ice Fishermen I have heard of ice fishermen heading out on the lakes with 3 – 4 inches of ice.  Personally I wait to see other peoples tracks before venturing out but I know there are intrepid ice fishermen clamoring to get out on the ice