Thanksgiving time at the Cliff.  All hands on deck to help make the meal.  While the turkey was cooking I made my annual rounds around the resort to catch all the families in the resort getting ready for the big feast



The Urbaniak family just arrived at the resort Thanksgiving morning and it was time to get the bird in the oven and then sit down and kick back with the famiy



The Robinson family was just getting things going in Shamrock when I showed up



The Reid Family was back for the first time in years to enjoy a Thanksgiving in honor of their parents Bob and Mariane.  They lost Bob a few years ago and were gathering to make some new memories at the Cliff.  Bob was the best Walleye fisherman I ever knew.  A deep fried turkey was on their menu



I caught the Evans guys a little early in their day.  Bird had just gone in and feet were up, parade was not quite over on the  TV.  Waiting on football and the bird



MaryBeth and Betsy up to enjoy the wintery weather with their dog CC.  MaryBeth in true Norwegian fashion had the logs stacked neatly by the fire and the wood box full.  Lots to give thanks for this year!



Don and Athena Modesitt were eating late but were enjoying kicking back in Restawhile



The Walstad guys were up enjoying their first deer hunting season at the resort.  They were waiting on a few more to arrive to get the steaks going…. steaks???



Yep steaks were on the menu..  Looked good but turkey was on my mind



The Wright Family in Norway all set to enjoy the day



The Rose Family was the last to arrive.  Luz, Lauren and Mike (Bella too) were happy to get out of the car and into Wildflower to enjoy a meal.  I think they usually grab a meal from Save More who do wonderful holiday meals making life very easy



I snuck back and caught the Evans guys getting their meal, a little late this year



Place setting for Dan who is over in Afghanistan this year.  Saving your spot for next year Dan.  Thanks for your service so the rest of us can enjoy a peaceful meal.  Stay safe over there!

Lots to be thankful for this year for those that could join us and those who are far away